Character by the color of lingerie.

Character by the color of lingerie.


Real women are more responsible for the choice of underwear than for the choice of outerwear. What is in sight is for everyone, what is hidden is only for herself and him. According to psychologists, the color of the lingerie tells a lot about the character of the woman, her emotional state, and also reveals her fears, sexual desires and unrealized dreams.

Get accustomed to your lingerie. What color do you prefer? What lingerie you are wearing for every day and appreciate the practicality and what you have reserved for special occasions. Surely, in your wardrobe there are also such things that you bought but did not intend to wear. Pay attention to the predominant color of lingerie for every day and erotic one.

In psychology, there is a whole direction - color therapy. Combinations of colors will help you to relax, learn how to manage your mood and form those traits that you would like to have.

Black as night

A lover of black lingerie is self-confident, sometimes too much. She knows that she is beautiful and always ready for seduction if she is in a good mood. The lover of black lingerie in the wardrobe has several models of simple cotton bikinis, everything else is guipure, lace, everything is luxurious and beautiful, with ruffles, embroidery and other magnificence. The main traits of such a woman are courage, emancipation, a tendency to external effects, as well as self-confidence and inner calm. "Lone Star", a cat that walks by itself. Loves to "perform" solo. Working in a team depresses her, she cannot express herself sufficiently and does not allow others to do it.

The "extreme manifestation" of a woman in black is a fatal woman. Behind her pulls a train of tart perfumes and broken hearts. In love, she is free, relaxed, without complexes and restrictions. She allows her partner a lot, changes men like gloves, they quickly bore her. In her endless search, she will stop only when she meets a real king or simply gets tired of passion and intrigue and wants children.

Burgundy wine color

The constant struggle of passionate nature: the desire to become a fatal woman and the desire to become a good wife. Such a woman is very impulsive, passionate and ready to overcome any difficulties in the struggle for love. Ultimately, the burgundy girl turns into an ideal wife, reliable and practical, and only her husband knows that in bed she is a real temptress from the Moulin Rouge in luxurious burgundy lingerie.

Pink Barbie

Woman - the eternal child, sensitive, sincere nature, touchy and capricious. It is easy to offend her with a careless word or act; she will sulk, but will quickly forgive. In pink cozy sissies, vulnerable souls. They want to be like a Barbie doll, so that their cherished and spoiled with gifts and attention. They do not endure conflicts and are always ready to concede, so long as their fragile and beautiful world is not destroyed. Pink attracts with its helplessness, flirty, fluffy. Everyone is always want to hug the girl in pink. The lighter the shade of pink, the more love and compassion is hidden in the woman. Bright pink tones indicate cheerfulness.

White and fluffy

This is a classic for real ladies. White lovers do not like pretentiousness and many details, natural, traditional in family values and romantic relationships. New-fashioned principles and traditions are not for them. They advocate the traditional institution of marriage and do not accept newfangled cohabitation.

Neutral Nude

Calm and sensible girls are always like beige color of lingerie. Body color fits absolutely under any outfit, it is practical and invisible under clothes, but the trouble is - men do not found it sexy.

An advice: if you cannot live without beige lingerie, think about your man and add piquancy alongside. It can be light lace, transparent inserts, even a belt and stockings - why not!

Bohemian in blue

The woman in blue is creative, extraordinary and mysterious. Looking for a true artist or sculpture to become a muse for him. In love she floats on the waves, fully trusting her partner and without limiting his imagination in any way, like clay in the hands of a potter. Melancholic, often sad, sensitive and very deep nature. Commitment to high ideals. Sensual and hot-tempered at the same time. The blue color of the sky and the ocean, changes its color from azure to almost black. In the same way, a person drowns in a deep blues and then rises to inspirational heights. Sociable, open to new acquaintances, but is revealed entirely only to those whom she knew for a long time and is sure of him.

Red like blood

Red is the color of bold and strong-willed hot-tempered, temperamental, principled, careerist and lioness in love. By nature, they are leaders and do not like to give. Grievances are not forgiven, even a long friendship can stop, if the woman in red is strongly offended and touched for life. In love, energetic and passionate. Just flirting such girls do not need. Relationships should be like a swing - up and down, broken hearts and families, intrigues, envious and traitors, quiet family evenings will quickly get bored with them.

Often red lingerie is found under a strict business suit. Red reflects a proactive stance. Often speaks of the active mood of a person, cold calculation and business acumen. The ladies in red often defy fate and face the same determined opponents as themselves. Often they cannot cope with their own anger and strong emotions.

Gray and strict

Gray is often associated with impartiality, arrogance and conservatism. Natures, who prefer this color, as a rule, are wise, prudent, distrustful and secretive. Unlike brown, gray is colder, which makes it solemn. Ladies that prefer gray underwear adorned with bows, lace and shiny inserts are distinguished beyond amazing devotion.

The gray color of lingerie indicates a person who values loyalty, loves stability and knows that she is very valuable. Young ladies who prefer shades of gray, as a rule, are moderately delicate, but if necessary can be quite straightforward.

Green, juicy, cheerful

Green color symbolizes harmony, natural beauty and life positive. Underwear of this color is best suited to someone who is afraid of falling under the influence of others, trying to assert himself, because it is vital for him. People who prefer green are reliable and generous. They adhere to their interests, are not inclined to empathize with people. They are interested in their personal life, old trusted friends.

So, what trait do you want to add to yourself today? You choose.