Follow your dream.

Follow your dream.


«As a woman, I wanted to create underwear that will emphasizes the advantages of the figure, have a perfect fit and be comfortable to wear».

(с) Tatiana Novitskaya

The history of our brand began 14 years ago. And started it from the idea. Vitaliy and Tatiana Novitski had a strong desire to create premium lingerie brand, which would combine men's and women's point of view.

Everyone who starts his own business has different doubts whether he will be able to achieve his goals. But if you assemble a team of like-minded people, every good idea will go viral and capture everyone, like the exquisite lingerie in our stores captures the eye.

The 5th of June became one of the most significant days for us. We have finally opened our flagship store on Saksaganskogo street, 31 in Kiev. There is some kind of magic of numbers, because it's the 31st boutique of AJOUR.

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Interior design is a mix of art deco and timeless classics. The combination of lace and silk, delicate like petals of flower, and also exquisite design and expensive garment accessories. Elegance, comfort and extreme softness. There is everything that can make the woman feels special and confident. That's the AJOUR.

Our boutiques are as the women's club, where they spend time only with pleasure. This is the place where every woman feels herself the desirable guest.

 The fashion show of AJOUR underwear and swimsuits of the SS 2019 collection was a nice surprise for all guests. Lingerie and jewelry are two key components of femininity. That's why each look was complemented with the best jewelry accessories.

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Sexy-lingerie attracted most of all attention. It's very important to save eroticism, plainness, provocativeness, but not to be vulgar. This blend of elegance, sophistication and alluringness is created for women, who like to epater others. It conquers every heart at first sight.

Our regular customers will also remember this event by the draw of exclusive gifts from our partners. Each visitor received souvenirs from AJOUR to memorize this wonderful evening.

Our dream is to make every woman wearing AJOUR lingerie feels like a real goddess.

Our main desire is to see how it is coming true during the years.