Horoscope for 2019 for each Zodiac sign

Horoscope for 2019 for each Zodiac sign


2019 will be held under the sign of the Yellow Water Boar. In Eastern culture, Boar is a symbol of hard work, nobility and courage.

Horoscope for 2019 - Aries

In 2019, Aries should not get excited with conclusions about people and current events. Emotions and cardinal decisions can lead to negative consequences and spoiled relations with those who treat you well. So do not take sharp steps! In any matter, be as patient and restrained as possible. In the professional field this year is a time of abrupt change of events. Rapid progress can also dramatically move into a state of calm. But in general, the year will be successful in business and financial areas, especially if you do not put off important business for good times.

Horoscope for 2019 - Taurus

Coming year will be successful in the personal life for single Taurus. Many of them will be able to meet their fate. Taurus that already has family - should avoid quarrels and conflicts, as they will be protracted and will lead to a serious crack in the relationship. From the beginning of the year, the life of representatives of this sign will be rich and full of sharp turns. But such a fast pace can seriously undermine the health of Taurus. Therefore, do not forget about proper nutrition and healthy sleep. And also do not allow excitement to reflect on your nervous system.

Horoscope for 2019 - Gemini

In the realm of privacy, family members of the sign may lack romance. But before you blame your partner in the coldness, look at your tactics in the behavior with a loved one. It also has questions. In the financial sphere one should not expect from the patroness of the year, Pig stability - many revenues can follow the proceeds. Therefore, to live by the principle of "here and now" will not work. Try to save and approach spending carefully. But in terms of creativity, the year will be unusually fruitful - the muse will become your frequent guest.

Horoscope for 2019 - Cancer

This year organized and conservative Cancers may face situations where carefully calculated cases, due to unexplained circumstances, will be postponed indefinitely. However, this does not mean that the stars do not promise you good luck and successful beginnings. Pleasant and unexpected surprises will not pass you by. In the personal life of Cancer await unforgettable meetings and dizzy novels. Also do not miss your chance to get acquainted with your soulmate.

Horoscope for 2019 - Leo

Purposefulness, eloquence and the ability to convey to others around their point of view will be the main trump cards of Leo this year. The Year of the Yellow Boar promises the sign representatives a lot of new projects and heights that they can conquer due to their strong character. In the affairs of love Leo do not rush things. Try to enjoy what nave.

Horoscope for 2019 - Virgo

For hardworking Virgos, the coming year will be a time of struggle for their opinions and life position. You will have to repeatedly defend your point of view and fight for justice, both at work and in your personal life. But who, if not you, knows that success will not be easy. Barriers and difficulties will harden you and make you stronger. The most successful period for resolving financial issues will be the first half of the year. At this time it is necessary to plan the decision of important matters, such as the purchase of real estate or a serious investment.

Horoscope for 2019 - Libra

2019 year for Libra - the time of creative ups. Right now, it will be easy for representatives of this sign to find like-minded people and enlist the support of reliable partners. But beware of gossip. Now they can seriously harm Libra's reputation. Do not aggravate the attention of envious and detractors on your successes, so as not to give them too much reason to rumor about you. Remember that happiness loves silence.

Horoscope for 2019 - Scorpio

The Year of the Pig will be successful for Scorpios in real estate matters. That’s why you can safely plan to buy a home. The first decade of the year will be the most favorable time for solving housing issues. In the field of personal relations, representatives of the star sign are advised to be as open and sincere as possible. Since your silence and closeness inherent in the representatives of this sign, can be the main reasons for quarrels and disagreements.

Horoscope for 2019 - Sagittarius

In career issues Sagittarius will be successful. Therefore, you can safely take up new projects, use new opportunities. Some representatives of this sign will even be able to radically change their profession. But over-busy career issues can cause misunderstandings and conflicts with your loved one. So try to devote more time to your partner and often delight your loved one with pleasant surprises.

Horoscope for 2019 - Capricorn

The coming year for Capricorns is a great time to implement long-standing plans. You have enough time and effort for this. The only thing that can become a barrier on the way is your own laziness. And so do not go with her in the wake - spend every minute with good use, and very soon find yourself at the intended summit. In love affairs this year will bring Capricorns many changes. And first of all - internal changes. To establish a personal life, representatives of the sign should decide what they want in a relationship.

Horoscope for 2019 - Aquarius

Year of the Pig for Aquarius - a great time to change their lives for the better. The main thing is to revise life orientations. This year, many representatives of the mark will discover new facets and talents. Try to praise yourself more often, even if it seems to you that there is no reason for it. It is on your attitude and life position will depend on further achievements.

Horoscope for 2019 - Pisces

In 2019, Pisces will have enough strength to realize its plans and goals. The only question is whether there is enough patience and endurance for this, since success will not come immediately. The beginning of the year for representatives of the mark can be problematic and crisis, especially in the field of career. The most fruitful period, which will give the desired return, will be summer. In the field of personal relationships for Pisces this year is an opportunity to build strong relationships. Family Pisces, in order to preserve harmony, do not make scenes for your loved one. And it is your emotional will be the main cause of quarrels.

The favorites of the host in 2019 will be courageous and determined people who are willing to take risks and can make every effort to achieve the goal. Achieve success succeeds through hard work. This year it is worthwhile to show special respect for money, because the Boar (Pig) does not tolerate wastefulness. Reckless spending can cause further financial losses.