How to back your form in 10 days

How to back your form in 10 days


There are many diets of instant weight loss, but the main danger lies in the fact that they are usually poorly balanced. And the deficit of protein, which these diets usually sin, not only worsens the mood, but also acts depressingly on all functions of the body.

And one more caution: kilograms lost in a short time, usually returns for the same short period of time.

To avoid this, follow these rules:

* Eat small portions from small dishes.

* Leave some of the food uneaten.

* The "breakfast-lunch-dinner" scheme is not for you. The food ration should consist of at least 5 meals, and between them should pass no more than 2.5 - 3 hours.

* Before you sit down, tighten your belt.

* Get up from the table with a feeling of mild hunger.

* Do not leave food in a conspicuous place.

* Drink at least 8 glasses of liquid a day, including soups, milk, tea, etc.

As for the "unknown" kilograms, settled over the winter at the waist and hips, then imagine, you can get rid of excess weight in just one month. But I'll have to work! We bring your attention a corporate diet with the eloquent title "Аway!" Models resort to it when they urgently need to get in shape.

The diet is designed for 10 days, and you can lose 4 kilograms.

Breakfast. A cup of tea or coffee with a small piece of sugar.

Lunch. Hard-boiled egg and 8 berries of prunes.

Dinner. 100 gr. cabbage or carrot salad, 200 gr. lean boiled meat, apple (or orange);

Snack. 30 gr. cheese, apple (or orange);

Dinner. A glass of yogurt (or curdled milk);

You can drink as much as you like.

Help yourself with physical exercises and you can lose a couple more pounds.

The intensive gymnastics course will help you to return the former forms in a short time. The merit of this course is that each exercise is designed for a certain problem area, and if it is with this area you have no problem, the exercise can be skipped. In addition, the exercises are very simple, which does not prevent them from being very effective.

1. For the upper press

Starting position: lying on the back, hands behind the head. Raise the body to a height of 10 centimeters and lower it. Repeat 20 times.

2. For the average press

S.P. - the same. Raise the trunk and legs at a time to a height of not more than 10 centimeters and lower. Repeat 20 times.

3. For the lower press

S.P. - the same. Raise your feet to a height of 10 centimeters and lower. Repeat 20 times.

4. For the buttocks

S. P - lying on my stomach, hands under your chin. Raise your legs alternately as high as possible. Repeat 20 times for each leg.

5. For the back

S.P. -the same. Put your hands behind your head, lift the trunk, lower it. Repeat 20 times.

6. For the hands and chest

S.P. - supports on the hands and knees. Do push-ups (3 sets of 20 times).

7. For thighs

S.P. - standing on the floor. Raise the knee bent at the knee and make circular motions. 10 times in one direction and the same number in the other.

8. For the waist

S.P. - lying on one side, legs bent at the knees, supports on the arm, the second hand behind the head. Raise both the trunk and legs. Repeat 10 times in each direction.

Exercises only then will it be useful, if performing each of them, you work hard, and after training you will feel not easy fatigue, but real fatigue. By the way, there is one more secret of fast parting with superfluous kilograms. This method is simple, like all ingenious: running at a speed of 10 km / h is not less than 20 minutes a day.

And most importantly, love yourself and feel happy every day! After all, happiness is in everything: in the morning sun and in the rain, in the smile of a son or daughter, in the kiss of a loved one, in the approaching vacation!