Loungewear that you wear at home can tell a lot about you.

Good and comfortable homewear can tell about self-respect and high self-esteem.


A solid, voluminous (terry or velour) robe gives a feeling of comfort, warmth, security and transmits to the brain the signal "I am at home". A woman in a robe is relaxed and calm, she is not running anywhere and not in a hurry. Changing a business suit to a robe when you come home is the best way to switch yourself from a working mood to relaxation.


But a good silk robe, decorated with lace, not only adjusts to the romantic mood, but also enhances the self-esteem of the woman. This outfit reflects her love to herself and the desire to be loved.



This activity and tone, the ability to emphasize a beautiful shape or remind yourself that you need to go to the gym. A bright color T-shirt and leggings will raise your spirits on a cloudy day and give you a boost of energy.

When choosing sports things for the home you need to focus on convenience, material and style, and not on sports characteristics. Homewear in a sporty style, should be easier, more comfortable and pleasant to the body.


Today it is the main type of women's loungewear. It allows you to express yourself in all possible ways.


It may be:

- a romantic set with ruffles of delicate pastel colors;

- set for mood saturated color

- a riot of colors and prints, reflecting your inner state;

- set with light shorts or a cozy set with warm pants or waistcoat for winter.


Home clothes should fit the state of the soul or create a certain mood. If you want to do sports and there is no intrinsic motivation - buy a sports suit. Apathy due to bad weather and off season? Wear a bright T-shirt and print pants. Tired of being an “iron lady” at work? Put on a soft bathrobe at home.

We spend almost a third of our lives at home, and let this life be as comfortable and elegant as possible.

Think about what kind of state you want to emphasize or cause with your loungewear, and feel free to embody your desires.