New trip, new exhibition and everything is like the first time.

New trip, new exhibition and everything is like the first time.


Every time when we think that present year is really saturated, we are convinced that the next year became even better and more interesting. And this time was no exception. Our designers are delighted and full of ideas once again, inwardly combining new canvases and hasting home to bring all this ideas to life.

Manufacturers of fabric and lace are also confidently step forward, improving and finding new ways to create patterns, combinations of colors and textures.

Sometimes an unexpected event occurs and White Fashion becomes a trend. They choose white color as a return to the basics, to the one single color of the spectrum. And then combine it with all the colors of the rainbow.

From 2018, manufacturers have begun to pay attention to the eco sphere. Because natural products deserve special attention.

Natural fibers cause softness and comfort, flurry our senses and imagination. More than ever, they play the key role in all spheres of life, conveying the luxury and sensuality of a world of nature.

The transition in the sector of lingerie and home wear is a return to the basics: the purity of cotton, the sensuality of silk and the freshness of linen.

Manufacturers set goals to become ecofriendly and eco responsible. It’s about to use natural dyeing and recycled fiber. Start the production of new fabrics that do not harm the environment. Discover the best that nature can offer us, and find out what we can and should do to preserve its treasures.