Our autumn began very productively!

Our autumn began very productively!


We have worked long and fruitfully to introduce new collections of our youth lingerie brand Bretelle and stylish socks brand V&T Socks. We got this opportunity on 10th of September and decided to show new products for the first time at Kyiv Fashion 2019, the largest national exhibition of clothing manufacturers. By the way, we were there as a part of the Podillya Women Apparel Cluster.

How it was? The 37th fashion festival was holding at the International Exhibition Center from 10th to 12th of September, which transformed from the international exhibition into the important business event with the opportunity not only to present your product, but also to establish professional relationships. It gathered 330 companies and 9000 visitors from Ukraine, Belarus, Estonia, Spain, Italy, China, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Turkey and France on 7517 sq.m.

Among all presented brands it was possible to find different manufacturers of women's, men's and children's clothes, accessories, leather and fur products, as well as suppliers of fabrics, trimming, sewing equipment and components. And, of course, every visitor could truly enjoy the new collections of lingerie, swimwear, stockings and socks.

The Bretelle collection harmoniously combines the aromas of modern trends. We left black and white as a classic basis, which appears in your favorite designs of bras and styles of panties. However, this time we decided not to be limited only to standard colors and add more naturalness and charm at the same time. That is why mustard, nude and khaki tones appeared. And as always the variability of designs and fits will bring special pleasure to each client.

Not only their whole soul, but also all imagination potential were invested by our designers to the fall-winter collection of V&T Socks, so they created a large number of variants. Each member of the family will find his ideal pair of socks: short or long, with autumn or winter patterns, with stripes or checkered, black and white patterns or insanely colored, with famous characters or other popular images. You can delight with them endless :)

Why Bretelle and V&T Socks? We decided to surprise buyers with youth lingerie and socks, as these are new directions for us, and we really wanted to tell about them to even more people. Could we find a better place instead of where the most interested in this sphere people are concentrated? ;)

Concluding everything we saw, we are sure that it was worth it and this is definitely not the last participation in Kyiv Fashion :)

Bretelle_1009_0019 Bretelle_1009_0039 Bretelle_1009_0053 Bretelle_1009_0073 Bretelle_1009_0086 Bretelle_1009_0115 Bretelle_1009_0140