Today we are creating the fashion of the future

Today we are creating the fashion of the future


Every year, our designers go to Cannes for inspiration.


Sunset, autumn warm breeze and yachts on the horizon. Places where celebrities of modern times walked along the red carpet. It is inspiring. But, of course, not for this we are going there.

The main reason is Mare di Moda 2018.

MarediModa Scarl is an exhibition where represented all the best enterprises. These are manufacturers of high quality fabrics and accessories for beachwear and underwear.


MarediModa / IntimodiModa has become an authoritative center for business meetings for all operators who value a high level in beach and underwear fashion.

Due to strict internal rules, enterprises of dubious origin are not allowed to participate, and exhibitors that do not comply with European quality standards.

Manufacturers comply with the list of requirements for quality and ethical standards.

We have been choosing the best manufacturers for many years, and they increase their level and become eco-friendly. Therefore, we want to work with them again and again, to improve and create for you bright summer news.


The time machine has not created yet. But today we see fashion 2020. You will like it. We are sure.