The presentation of collection of lingerie by AJOUR and Bretelle bends.

The presentation of collection of lingerie by AJOUR and Bretelle bends.


On 20 of September, 2018, at the Normal Restaurant, AJOUR Lingerie House presented two collections of lingerie: a new youth line of underwear under the Bretelle brand, an exquisite and provocative collection of autumn-winter lingerie 18/19 by AJOUR.

Gentle lace, beautiful design, soft, like petals of flowers, silk, modern elegance, and incredible comfort and extraordinary accessories - everything for a woman to feel special and confident.

AJOUR fashion lingerie house for 14 years gives a feeling of confidence, own charm and intimate an "I" to every lady, not only in Ukraine, but also in America and Europe.

For the young active girls, with an absolute sense of freedom and the ability to enjoy all the colorful life, created a collection of lingerie under the Bretelle brand, which is endowed with a synergy of life and art, not triviality and exclusivity.

The light and relaxed atmosphere created by the most fashionable lead of the capital, Sergey Komarovsky, sets from Dj.Rio, the charming vocal of FRANKY and the goddess of opera Alyona Grebenyuk made this evening even brighter. And the water sponsor "Yo-Do" supported the balance of water and iodine in the normal range.

The surprise for the guests was a specially created collection of hats from Martha Holod, which guests of the evening were able to try and make many beautiful photos.

Exclusive Handbags by Alexandra Tokareva harmoniously complemented Bretelle's collection of lingerie, while TANGO jewelry adds luxury, riddles and brilliance to the AJOUR collection of lingerie. Professional masters from the JK Workshop created a unique image of the models.

The evening ended with a draw of exclusive gifts from partners with wishes of new meetings and shows.

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