The combination of Mind and Femininity

The combination of Mind and Femininity


The second meeting of the Women's Club of the Ukrainian Advocates' Association (UAA) was held. This is what UAA BULLETIN writes about.

The idea to create a women's club UAA arose because a modern woman, in any profession, it is not easy to combine career and personal life.

Women are constantly improving, are engaged in raising children and it turns out that it is very difficult to find time for yourself.

Speakers of the club are successful women who inspire more to think about themselves and engage in what is really interested. All this positively affects the implementation not only in the work sphere, but also in personal life.

Themes of the meetings are not related to the work and education of children, but are aimed at making the life of each participant of the club more harmonious and happy.

That is why, the speech of the director of AJOUR trading house, Elena Parkhomenko, became one of the key and important moments at the meeting. Elena talked about how to choose lingerie under a business suit or under a dress. I explained why it's important to have not only lingerie from ordinary lines in your arsenal, but also to have pieces from sexy collections. In addition, of course, that belt for stockings, a special attribute that simply must be in the arsenal of every woman.

Each woman-participant received, in memory of the meeting, a nice gift from AJOUR

Sometimes, it's enough just to pick up beautiful underwear to feel happy and special.