We couldn’t miss that!

We couldn’t miss that!


Should we say that dreams come true? Even if this is a dream of one big team. Yeah, we are hinting at our friendly AJOUR team, succeeded once again. And occasion makes us crazy in a good sense!

2019 has become richer for another event — participation in the annual Swim Show. Why are we so excited? This event is not a regular exhibition. It’s incredibly significant for all brands, which create swimwear, beachwear, resort wear and accessory collections. More large-scale event doesn’t exist.

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Just imagine, the first exhibition, took place in 1982, gathered only 15 brand representatives and 30 collections. Nowadays it attracts more than 7,500 brands and buyers from 60 countries. With more than 3 decades of experience, it’s recognized as the leader in swimwear exhibitions worldwide.

Swim Show is the doors to an incredible amount of opportunities, connections and inspiration. It’s the event, which gathers around the most talented designers and reveals to the world the best and the most relevant things in this industry.

Miami. Is it possible to find more suitable place? The feeling of eternal summer, the sun, the waves and people who know everything about the needs of holidaymakers — the perfect mix to introduce your brand.


It is difficult to describe in words how long we were preparing and how much we worried not only before the start, but also each of these four days. We looked after all stuff and thought over to the smallest detail. Because it’s our reputation that we have accumulated over so many years.

Even now, looking through all photos, it’s hard to believe that we were there and felt these emotions, which are impossible to explain in words. And we are grateful to everyone who believes in us, in our strengths and capabilities, and knows how we try our best to create only the best every day.

To be continued… ;)