When your dreams come true

When your dreams come true


Have you ever had a desire to start your own business?

Or to do something that caused goosebumps a few seconds after you think about it?

A goal that is at the same time your dream can be scary. And our fear of defeat is trying to prevent us from fulfilling our cherished desire.

However, it is the "goal-dream" is an excellent motivator who gives a goal in life. If you step by step follow your dream you can achieve success. One day you can wake up famous in the whole world.

But it is always hard work and nothing comes unexpectedly.

For almost 15 years we have been creating incredible underwear for you - exquisite, elegant, fragile and at the same time comfortable.

And our dream that women of the whole world could enjoy the underwear of the Ukrainian manufacturer is gradually being realized.

Every year we go to USA exhibitions and as a result our underwear is sold in 48 American states in more than 150 boutiques.

CURVENEWYORK welcomes us as regular participants, but this year is special for us. We represent not only our new collection, but also our Bretelle youth underwear line. It is a mixture of color and energy of life in which every young girl will find something special for herself.

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