Woman with a capital letter

Woman with a capital letter


We very often hear that there is some definite Woman, yes yes, not a "woman", but a "Woman" with a capital letter, that is able to conquer the hearts of any men.

Achieve success in a career at the same time have time to be the perfect mom and mistress.

But have you met one that unites all these qualities?

We are not. For us, this is an ideal that has more of the collective qualities that are in each of us.

Now with new technologies, women are not inferior to men and of course this also affects our wardrobe. For our comfort and mobility, most women began to dress in casual and unisex styles.

How to stay feminine woman?

Let's give a couple of tips.

Buy clothes from those fabrics that are "women's": satin, velvet, silk, chiffon, lace, angora, soft knitwear and cotton. These are the fabrics that conquer with their softness and tenderness.

Choose feminine styles. Of course, the top options are the clothes that men will not wear (do not take into account Scotland). These are dresses, sundresses, skirts and blouses. But if you like pantsuits, they can be made more feminine by adding certain elements. Light blouses, scarves and shawls, ribbons, pearls in jewelry, lace ... But remember that the measure is important in everything.

Heels. You do not need to blindly follow the latest "scream" of fashion and wear heels of 10 cm. Even less than half the heel will change your image and add mood. Yes, the leg in “ballet shoes” also looks feminine and elegant, but if you have the opportunity to wear shoes, even on small, but comfortable heels - wear them!

And now the main thing. Lingerie. Not just lingerie, but good lingerie. We know many doubt on this item in the list. The arguments are that underwear is not visible from under the clothes and therefore it is enough that underwear is dressed on.

It may surprise you, but people around you can quickly determine what kind of underwear you are wearing. Is it a voluminous cotton bodice or an elegant sexy set. Ask how? Your gait, grace, self-confidence and its attractiveness will give you away.

Therefore, the conclusion is simple. If you want your femininity to be natural, and go straight from the inside - revise your intimate wardrobe.

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